(same as 032320 email - click here for a PDF)

The Governors Executive order 7H provides an exemption for our services.

We are advising that you print this order out
Business Exemptions for Coronavirus - Executive Order 7H

We are also advising that a copy of this be posted at your business
and carried in each business vehicle.


you must complete this form online and submit it online

PRINT this form out when you complete it BEFORE you submit it
so you can also retain this document at your business and in your vehicles

IT IS IMPORTANT that you list your business as

“Towing, Repairing and Service and Roadside Assistance”

DO THIS TODAY!! (March 23, 2020)
we are providing links to these resources
to help you manage this extraordinary time;

please review this information and feel free to share

click here to review help available through The United Way

click here for help coping with a wide variety of issues from NAMI
Helpful Links

Prepare to Respond – Tow Operator EV Safety
(3 part YouTube series Featuring Farmington Motor Sports and Strollo Bros. & Sons)

National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
National Safety Council
State of Connecticutportal to all state agencies
Find Your LegislatorConnecticut General Assembly (CGA)
General Statutes, State of ConnecticutTitle 14* - Motor Vehicles, Use of the Highway by Vehicles. Gasoline  
Online Magazines
Tow Times   Tow Partners   Tow Chat   American Towman


Towing AssociationsTowing and Recovery Association of America


Educational ResourcesThe Responder Safety Learning Network
The TIM Network
Move Over Laws